Boudin Cafe – San Francisco

One of my favorite things to eat in San Francisco is the bread. It’s just fantastic out here. So, I walked over to the basement of the Macy’s in Union Square and visited the Boudin Cafe.


Normally, I go to the Boudin restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a full scale tourist attraction with a show-bakery and bakery shop on the first level and a sit-down restaurant on the top level. The restaurant has a really great bar with views of Alcatraz when it’s not too foggy.

But, Fisherman’s Wharf was a long walk from Union Square for me and the baby. We had already walked to Alamo Square and back, which was a total of four miles of walking and hills. And, we didn’t bring the stroller on this trip, so anywhere I would have to walk, I would have to strap the baby on and carry her in the Baby Bjorn.

This smaller version was more of a fast-casual place. Actually, it reminded me exactly of Corner Bakery in Chicago. The menu boards were similar. The ordering system was similar. After you ordered, they give you a number so that runners can bring food out to you. And even the decor was eerily familiar.


I decided to order the grilled cheese with bacon. And I let the cashier upsell me on the tomato soup for $2 more. We took our order to go because, after how the baby was when I tried to take her to restaurants when I was by myself in San Diego, I’ve decided that I’m going to avoid eating out with her unless I have another set of adult hands to help out.

The sandwich was quite delicious. The bread had that wonderful tang that bread has here in San Francisco. The cheese was melty and creamy. And it was all toasted up for a pleasant exterior. Unfortunately, my bacon grilled cheese didn’t come with any bacon. Even as I write this, much much after I had the meal, I am still bothered by the missing bacon.

I was glad that I got the tomato soup. It was thick and chunky. And it had a very nice richness to it. It was topped with cheese and really large croutons made out of that fantastic sourdough. I really should have just had three or four of their soups, as they are almost as good as the bread.


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