Burger Bistro – San Francisco

After getting up at 4 in the morning for our flight out to San Francisco, my wife and I decided that we needed to eat burgers. So, we went to a place that my wife knew of that is near her company’s offices in San Francisco.

Burger Bistro is nestled between two large office buildings. Actually, I think it was originally an alley, but now there’s restaurants in it. That’s common around here, for some reason.

When you get in, there’s a really large menu. You can get turkey burgers, chicken burgers, and real burgers. My wife explained it to me as a pick your meat and pick your toppings kind of place, like The Counter, which is one of my favorite restaurants. But, this place is more like Noodles and Company, one of my least favorite places to eat. There’s a lot of reading to do, and I always feel like I’m compromising on what I am about to eat.


I decided to pick a turkey burger. This particular turkey burger option had cheese a cranberry sauce. I am a sucker for cranberry sauce. Especially when it’s not Thanksgiving.

The turkey burgers there are supposedly 100% white meat turkey, which I like. The last time I was at Trader Joe’s, I was looking at a package of ground turkey, and the fat content was worse than hamburger. So I guess you have to be careful when you’re buying ground turkey or turkey burgers as a healthier option.

My wife got the Paris burger. It had brie and mushrooms. When given the option, my wife will always pick the burger that comes with mushrooms.


We decided to split an order of Frings, which is french fries and onion rings in the same basket. You can get sides in orders of small, large, or combo. I have no idea what size combo is, but that is what you order if you want to also get a drink.

The fries were ok, the onion rings were above average, and the turkey burger was good. There was a ton of cranberry sauce to it, which I liked. Usually, people are a little conservative when putting cranberry sauce on a sandwich because they think customers won’t eat a sandwich with too much fruit on it. That being said, the turkey burger was a disappointment. After about two bites, I was wishing that I had ordered just a regular burger. And that’s because, no matter how well done or how fancy, a turkey burger is never going to be better than a regular burger. Period.


After we ate, I made my wife take care of the garbage. She spends much more time in San Francisco than I do, and I have no idea what to do with the compost versus garbage versus recycle bins.


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  1. Looks as if you’re not the only one confused by the bins. At least they’re trying?

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