Chicken Biscuits and Gravy Sandwich

The other day, I ground up some chicken breasts and formed them into patties. I was going to make chicken burgers or maybe patty melts with them, but I felt like they really needed to be on a biscuit. And so, chicken patties with bacon and blue cheese on a biscuit. Yum.

1. bake it: first thing I needed to do was to make biscuits. But the problem was, I didn’t like my biscuit recipe anymore. The biscuits were coming out a little bland and a little too crumbly. What I wanted was those flaky layers like you get in the canister biscuits, but I wanted to have a homemade flavor.

I looked around for another recipe, and I found this biscuit recipe on Cooking For Engineers, a site I generally find reliable for not-too-finicky recipes. This recipe used an envelope fold process for the dough, which reminded me of how you make puff pastry. And since puff pastry is also a butter based dough that features flaky layers, I thought I would give it a try. And it worked out wonderfully.

2. Render it: I cooked two pieces of bacon per sandwich in a cast iron skillet. I wanted to both cook the bacon for the sandwich and also render the bacon fat for the gravy.

3. Pan fry it: After the bacon rendered, I removed the bacon and then drained all the bacon fat. I then put back in about a tablespoon of the bacon grease and cooked the chicken patties. I suppose you could do this recipe with regular chicken breasts, but I like the chicken patties because it makes for more uniform pieces of chicken that also happen to do very well in a freezer-to-fry pan application.

4. Sauce it: once the chicken is done, get them out of the pan. Add another tablespoon or so of bacon grease along with a tablespoon of flour. This is to make a roux. Once the bacon grease and flour get mixed together for a minute, add a cup of milk. Stir and keep cooking until it thickens. Season to taste. I like pepper. You probably won’t need salt due to the bacon.

5. Eat it: I split open the biscuits and put a chicken patty, two slices of bacon, and some blue cheese inside. I served these up with some tater tots. It wasn’t a healthy meal, by any means. But it was good.

The biscuits held up really well. Unlike my old biscuit recipe, these didn’t crumble apart. The biscuits were nice and also necessary, as the sandwich was quite rich. The gravy was nice on top of the sandwich, but it did make things rather messy. But everything tasted so nice, you don’t mind licking your fingers.
My wife doesn’t like gravy, so she had hers without it. But then, the sandwich was a little dry. She tried adding barbecue sauce, but that was too aggressive. As good as these were, I think they would be best either with a second cheese to melt on it or with an egg to eat as a breakfast sandwich.


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