Zucchini and pasta in red sauce

pasta, salad, and vinaigrette

We have been trying to eat at least one meatless dinner per week. This is this week’s meatless meal. Homemade pasta, zucchini, and red sauce.

organic zucchini from the farmers’ market

1. slice it: I took two of the four zucchini I got at the farmers’ market, and I sliced them into thin, half moons. Then, I set that aside while also getting a whole bunch of water to a boil.

fresh pasta, ready to be boiled

2. roll it: I made the pasta from scratch. I used my usual pasta recipe. This was the first time since my daughter has been born that I took the time to make pasta.

saute the zucchini

3. saute it: fresh pasta cooks super fast. If you look at it wrong on a humid day, you might not even need to boil it. So, if you have fresh pasta, get the zucchini started in a hot pan with some olive oil. If you have dried pasta, you can probably start the zucchini and the pasta at the same time.

4. boil it: while the zucchini is sauteing, get the pasta in the boiling water.

5. sauce it: add tomato sauce to the sauted zucchini. I waited until the zucchini got some color in the pan before I added the sauce, but you can really do this whenever. If you have good zucchini, this would be good, even if the zucchini were raw. Regardless of when you add the sauce to the zucchini, make sure they get a chance to cook together for a while.

6. marry it: when the pasta is done, drain and add it to the sauce and zucchini.

looks like a lot of food, but it’s not

7. eat it: this dinner took about thirty or forty minutes from start to finish, and that’s including the time it took to roll and cut the pasta. Using store-bought red sauce was a nice cheat, and one that I only sometimes  feel guilty about. This is one of those times that I just don’t care if the sauce came from a jar or not. It’s a wonderful way to eat zucchini.


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