Fruit and Yogurt

vanilla yogurt, fruit, and chocolate

As much as I hate to admit it, I have been watching every single episode of Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes. This recipe, while not an exact copy, is inspired by his show. Nevertheless, it is good. And very simple.

same content, different continents

Jamie Oliver’s new show is called, Meals in Minutes. Well, it’s not exactly a new show, but it’s new to U.S. audiences. And his show is not exactly called Meals in Minutes, that’s just what the name has been changed to for U.S. audiences. Obviously, he couldn’t call it 30 Minute Meals over here because there is another TV chef/personality who I also happen to secretly and obsessively watch and who has a show with that same name already.

For this afternoon snack, I put vanilla yogurt in a bowl with some raspberries and blueberries that we had picked up at the farmers’ market.Then, I shaved some chocolate and sprinkled it on top. It was fantastically delicious and so damn irresistable, which is why, in the photo I posted, it is obvious that someone had already started eating it before I could take a picture.


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