Not a BLT, a Bacon Sandwich

Bacon Sandwich – no tomatoes and no lettuce, thank you

With sandwiches, simpler is often better. And it doesn’t get simpler than this. Bread. Bacon. Cream cheese. That’s it. 

if it’s not thick cut bacon, the probability of grease fire increases when grilling it. use thick cut

1. Cook it: you need to cook the bacon. You can fry it up in a pan, which is my least favorite way of cooking it; it’s messy. You can bake it, which I like because it keeps the bacon strips from getting tangled up in each other. Or, if it’s too hot to bake, you can grill it. Watch out for grease fires. They do not enhance the flavor in any way.

2. Toast it: this step is optional, but I recommend it. For this sandwich, I sliced up a loaf of ciabatta that I got at the farmers’ market. I drizzled some olive oil on top and set the slices on the grill (after my grease fire had subsided).

bacon sandwich

3. Eat it: this sandwich, when done correctly, is a palindrome of deliciousness. bread, cream cheese, bacon, cream cheese, bread. Keep it simple.

The greasiness of the bacon is cut by the creaminess of the cream cheese. You get really nice texture changes from the crust of the ciabatta to its puffy insides, which by the way, gets enriched as it soaks up bacon grease. Then, there’s the soft cream cheese next to the crumbly bacon. You can add a slice of tomato, if you wish.

If you do add tomato, and then you switch out the bread for rice and nori/kim, then you’ve got my favorite kind of maki/kimbap.


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