Grilled Barbecue Flavor Chips, kinda

slices of potato, coated in barbecue-style seasonings and grilled

I love potato chips. I hate buying them. These weren’t quite as crunchy as chips, but the taste:easiness ratio was high. And you can do it on the grill.

the raw ingredients

1. Slice it: I started out with two russet potatoes and my mandolin. I wanted uniform and thin slices. I filled a bowl with water and slices the potatoes into the water. This would prevent the potato slices from discoloring.

taking a bath

2. season it: I wanted these potatoes to have a barbecue style flavor. So I created a quick marinade for the potatoes. In a bowl, I mixed a little bit of oil with chili powder, garlic powder, a little bit of cumin, mustard powder, and salt. I normally would think to put some onion powder in here, but onions have been disagreeing with my breast-feeding wife. You can be pretty haphazard with the amounts. You’re looking to make a reddish paste. The main ingredient should be chili powder. The least ingredient should be cumin. It’s strong and can overpower the rub quickly.

barbecue seasonings

3. rub it: Drain the potatoes, and get the oil/rub all over the potato slices. The slices will want to stick together, so make sure you are getting coverage between the slices. This part can get messy. When I was done, I put them into this container so I could bring it out to my grill.

schemer the oil+rub onto the potatoes. get in between the slices.

4. grill it: I figured that, with the high surface area and low thickness, these would take about half as long as the chicken legs and thighs I was planning on also having for dinner. But the grill is only so big, and I knew I would have two batches to cook. So, I started the potatoes at the same time as the chicken. With my grill on high, I flipped the potatoes when the edges started to take on some color. This took about five minutes.

food is best when aligned into neat rows

5. eat it: once all the potatoes are done, remove them from the grill. They are best when eaten right away, as they are actually crispy then. Not quite as crispy like chips, but this was not nearly as tortuous as trying to stand in front of a deep fryer in 90 degree weather. And I might need to try and find a new mandolin that can give me thinner slices.

stacked potatoes waiting in the back

I had a little bit of a problem with keeping the chips crispy. The potatoes finished before the chicken did, so I turned off the back burner of the grill and stacked the chips into piles. Although this was visually pleasing to me, I knew that putting these hot potatoes slices on top of each other would ruin all the crispiness that I had worked so hard to maintain. Plus, I then had to put all the hot potatoes into a container to bring back down to our apartment, and I’m sure that process didn’t help with keeping the crispiness either.

Overall, the potatoes were still quite good. They had a firmness on the outside that was nice, like the top layer of a potatoes au gratin. And the flavors reminded me of barbecue flavored chips. Dipped in a little extra barbecue sauce, and these were really a nice summer treat.


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  1. I love making homemade chips, especially off the grill. Always so good and I’ve even experimented with turnips chips that are really really good.

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