Grilled Cauliflower Why Not

With the summer in full swing, it’s just too hot to cook in a kitchen, if you can help it. So when I decided to grill up some chicken for dinner, I thought I’d do the same for the vegetable sides.

1. Cut it: I was debating whether to cut the cauliflower into florets or if I would cut the thing into slices. If I cut it into MRI-like slices, there would be more flat surface area, and it would probably be faster to prep and cook. But I decided to do what I usually do which is to flip the head of cauliflower over and start cutting off florets at the stalk. It would make for more irregular shapes, which means irregular cooking. But it would fall apart on the grill less this way.

prepped and ready to take upstairs to the rooftop grills

2. Season it: I decided to keep it really super simple, as far as seasonings went. I sprinkled on about a teaspoon of Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. It’s what we usually put on steamed veggies at our house.

on the grill with curry brined chicken

3. Grill it: I figured the cauliflower could roast on the grill for about the same amount of time as the chicken, so everything went on at the same time. I put all burners on high heat for almost the entire cooking time. But it was really windy that day, which kept the heat down lower than normal. Basically, once the cauliflower started getting charred, I would flip it and/or move it to a section of the grill at lower heat.

cooking the chicken

4. Eat it: Once the chicken and the cauliflower were done, everything came off the grill and I got back in the elevator to head home. The chicken was cooked really nicely, and the cauliflower was great. It was very under-seasoned (likely because I put the seasonings on dry), so I added some more Lawry’s.

grilled cauliflower and curry brined chicken

The chicken was good, but then again, when you’ve got chicken thighs on the grill, it’s hard not to have a good dinner. The cauliflower was also good. Steamed cauliflower is what we usually have, and I think that is pretty nice. But it takes a lot of time and creates a lot of dishes for my dishwasher-less kitchen. Roasted or grilled cauliflower also has a more nuanced flavor. The dry heat brings out some nuttiness and earthiness that you otherwise miss. Plus, it also picks up some flavors on the grill.

A friend of mine suggested using some curry instead of Lawry’s for the cauliflower. It’s definitely next on the list. And with how simple and delicious this was to do, I’m sure it won’t be long until we have grilled cauliflower again.


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  1. Great idea, think I’ll give it a try. I usually toss it with olive oil, roast it, then sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. Would be nice to not have to use the oven in the heat of the summer!

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