Corned Beef and Hash

To round out our St. Patrick’s Day experience, I used the leftovers from lunch on Saturday to make corned beef and hash on Sunday morning.

1. Dice it: I diced 1 red pepper and half an onion and start sautéing them with some oil in my large cast iron skillet.


2. Pull it: I took the leftover corned beef and pulled it apart. I added that to the skillet once the veggies had started to brown.

3. Slice it: I took all the leftover cabbage and sliced it into strips. That, too, got added to the skillet.


4. Smash it: I took the leftover potatoes and smashed them down into a flat layer. This would create more surface area for the potatoes to crisp up. After adding the potatoes, I then smashed the whole thing down into a single, flat layer and let it cook and crisp up. This took about ten minutes. I then stirred everything else around and let it crisp and borderline burn for another five minutes.

5. Eat it: I served this with some strong coffee and scrambled eggs. It was delicious.

I have never really eaten corned beef and hash before, and my only times eating it that I can remember involved the canned stuff that looks and tastes like dog food. But my brother in law loves the stuff, and he may even be a conneisuer, if there is such a thing. Apparently, he has been going on a quest for good corned beef and hash, and he has been sampling the dish at various diners near is home in new york.

My brother in law seemed to really like my corned beef and hash, so I take that as a big compliment.


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