Valentine’s Day hearts pizza

Nothing says I Love You quite like things shaped as a heart that you can devour. So this year, since we couldn’t go out for valentines day, I made heart shaped food at home.

1. Dough it: I made my usual pizza dough and let it rise for an hour.

2. Shape it: I started spreading the dough out into a regular circle shape, but it’s never a perfect circle. And this time, it didn’t take much effort to add a little divot at the top and push in the sides a little.

3. Parbake it: I don’t have a super hot brick oven, so I usually bake my crust first to get it to the right crispness. 400 degrees. ~7 minutes.

4. Top it: pull the crust out of the oven and top with tomato sauce and cheese. I also sliced up some mini portabellas. I also meant to add goat cheese, but i forgot until after I finished baking. It was still good. Goat cheese crumbles melt really nicely.


5. Finish it: back in the oven. 400 degrees. About five to seven minutes.

6. Calzone it: heart shaped pizza is fine. But I wanted more. So I took the other half of my pizza dough and cut that into four equal pieces.


Then, I used a rolling pin to roll each piece out until it was about the size of a tortilla.


Take two of the rounds and set it on a baking sheet. Top with a heavy hand of tomato sauce. I also used some shredded cheese and a lot of diced onions. I would have also used pepperoni, but our house is currently out of cured meats.


Then, I covered each mini pizza with the remaining rounds of dough.


At this point, some knife skills are in order. I cut out a little triangle from the top and I narrowed the edges. Then, I crimped the edges with a fork, empanada style.


Bake at 400 for about ten to twelve minutes, maybe even longer. These calzones could have used a little more heat. But even a tad undercooked, these hearts were fantastic to devour. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Cheesy, too.



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