Waffles and a Baby

On January 11, 2012, my daughter was born. Since then, I haven’t thought much about food, except for waffles. For the first few nights, at some point around 4:30 in the morning or so, I would smell maple syrup, which would give me the instant and unignorable craving for waffles.

I got this recipe off of allrecipes.com, a website that I generally don’t like to use and find unorganized and too unedited. But, my waffles craving was intense, so I used the first recipe I could find.

1. Mix it (dry): 2C flour, 1t salt, 4t baking powder, 2T sugar.

2. Mix it (wet): melt 1/3C butter and microwave 1.5C milk for a minute or two. Mix those together. Beat in 2 eggs. And 0.5-1t vanilla. Also, preheat your waffle iron.


3. Combine it: mix the wet into the dry or the other way around. The batter will be thick but still liquid-y.


4. Ladle it: my waffle iron has a light that turns green when it is hot enough. Once it’s ready, spray the waffle iron with some cooking spray and ladle in some of the batter. It’s a little bit of guess and check to figure out how much to put in. Remember, the batter will spread a little bit as it cooks. With my small ladle, I use two ladlefuls. And I use the back of the ladle to try and spread the batter around before I close the lid.


5. Repeat it: once the first waffle it done, take it out, spray some more cooking spray, and add more batter.


6. Syrup it: my wife, who travels frequently for work, had brought home this vial of real maple syrup. We’d never used it, as I usually don’t find any need for maple syrup in my cooking. But these were waffles, and it was perfect.


7. Eat it: these waffles were fantastic. Alton Brown defines a good waffle as being like a French fry. Crunchy on the outside, soft and puffy on the inside. These were just like that. My wife had hers with nutella, which is also quite fantastic. I never really had nutella growing up. It seemed to be one of those foods that only kids with rich parents got to eat.


Whether with maple syrup or with nutella, the waffles certainly hit the spot. And after eating these, I stopped hallucinating that my baby was emitting a maple syrup aroma at 4:30 in the morning.

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