Cooking Fail – German Potato Pancakes

After seeing how much my wife enjoyed them at the christkindlemarket, I wanted to make some at home. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

I stared out with two russet potatoes and peeled them. I usually hate peeling potatoes. This was no exception.

I needed to shred the potatoes, so I initially thought I would use my box grater. But I hate using that thing. Cleaning it is obnoxious. So, I used a mandolin.

Unfortunately, of the six different blade options, none of them gave me a size shred that I wanted. Oh, well. Whatya gonna do.

Then, I wanted to make a batter for the pancakes. Some recipes I researched just put the potatoes with some onions in a skillet. But the pancakes from the christkindlemarket had a distinct batter to them. So, I decided to add about a quarter cup of milk, quarter cup of flour, and a tablespoon of baking soda. This really didn’t work out. The batter ended up looking like olive oil based potato salad, which always sounds appetizing but also always disappoints.

At this point, I started frying the potatoes. Some of them looked better than others. Most of them had undercooked batter, which made them mushy. I was not hoping for mushy.

At the christkindlemarket, they served the potato pancakes with applesauce. And, since I’m fancy, we have walmart brand applesauce. Also, I heated up some sauerkraut because my wife loves warm sauerkraut. This was true even before she got pregnant, if you can believe that.

I served these up with some weiner schnitzel. The potatoes were mushy and flavorless. If anything, they tasted like oil. Fortunately, the pork was really good.



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