RnR, Scottsdale AZ

Monday night football. Bears. Scottsdale? I found a place to watch the game. On accident.

We got to the RnR right as the game started, but only coincidentally. In Scottsdale, they don’t observe daylight savings, which had just fallen back over the weekend. So, I had no real idea what time it was in Scottsdale. And I had no idea when the game would start. So, after free wine hour at the Kimpton hotel where we were staying, we went to eat. And fortunately, that is right when the game was starting. And, it would turn out, almost everyone there was cheering for the Bears – or against Philadelphia.


The space at RnR is pretty cool. It’s an upscale sportsbar set in a very modern and open space. The place was nicely populated but not full. It was easy to get a booth, but it didn’t feel crowded.

The menu fit the decor well. It was a little clever, a lot douche-y. You could get regular sportsbar food, but it was all fancied up a bit. And the more adventurous stuff came from the small plates section of the menu.

We started with the dirty chips, which was chips plus wings sauce plus blue cheese plus bacon. Very good. Pretty spicy.


Next, we had a trio of sliders. The wagyu beef slider came with bacon and cheese. Wagyu beef is delicious. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I had wagyu.


The other sliders were the RnR slider and the pulled pork slider. The RnR slider was regular, non-wagyu beef, but it came with blue cheese. And the pulled pork slider came with crispy onions. The pulled pork tasted much like the carnitas at the Salty Señorita, which is just down the street. The crispy onions were a nice touch and far more interesting than the pork.


My wife also ordered the house salad. And she tried to convince me that I wanted it too. I didn’t. But it looked nice.


After that, we decided to order more food to keep things going until the end of the first half. We ordered again off the small plates menu, and so we got a basket of half sweet potato fries and half parmesan fries. The fries came out quickly and were half good. The sweet potato fries, a food my wife and I both love, were great. The parmesan fries were blah. They didn’t taste like parmesan and reminded me of bad fries from the freezer section.


Overall, it was a good place to watch the game. It was a good crowd, although no one seemed to be sporting their Bears gear except me. And the servers and staff were all very friendly.

It was a (relatively) cold night, so everyone sat inside. But the place was designed to be an inside-outside space, complete with outdoor big screens. I think I would like to come back when it’s warmer.


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