Salty Señorita, Scottsdale AZ

I have no idea as to what, if anything, Scottsdale is known for culinarily. So, for our first dinner there that wasn’t wedding-related, I tried to pick something that I figured that the area would be able to do either better or different than how they would do it in Chicago. And so, I picked the Salty Señorita because I wanted tequila and tacos.

We had driven past the Salty Señorita several times over the course of the weekend. And each time, it was always busy with people eating al fresco. On this particular night, however, the temps were in the 50s, which apparently qualifies as frigid.

The Salty Señorita, like most restaurants in the area, is sprawling and cavernous. We had arrived on the early side of dinner, and it felt like the place was empty. But there were probably at least 10 to 15 other diners in the place.

When we were seated, we were handed several menus, each. There is a food menu, a tequila menu, and some other menu that I don’t remember what it was. They have 51 different tequila drinks on the menu. I had the salty señorita, which is #3. There was also a drink called the El Señor.


I didn’t think that the gender of the drinks would indicate whether the drinks were girly or not, especially since the beverage I ordered was the name sake drink of the restaurant. But for some reason, my drink came in an oversized martini glass. Maybe they have gender roles issues there.


For starters, we ordered the Fundido. My wife loves cheese, as do I. At the salty señorita, the fundido comes in a little cauldron. My wife thought this was cute. I appreciated that it was functional. The heated metal kept the cheese melty for longer.

For dinner, we had tacos. They sell the tacos a la carte there for 3-4 dollars per taco. Or, you could get a six-pack for 16.99. We got the six pack. 2 shrimp tacos. 1 fish taco. 1 tinga chicken. 1 carnitas. And 1 jack beef.

The shrimp tacos were underwhelming. The shrimp was bland and tasted like it just came from the freezer.

The fish taco was quite good. Flaky yet moist. I would eat this again.

The tinga chicken tasted like it was marinated in chili powder. I don’t know what tinga means.

The carnitas taco was also pretty good. The pork seemed a little dry, and I prefer it when the pulled pork is crisped up on a flat top or skillet. But what the pork lacked in texture, the taco made up for with pork quantity.

The jack taco was also quite interesting. It was a ground beef taco that was deep fried, Jack-In-The-Box style. The nice part was, the way they fried the taco, they were still able to add tomatoes and other cold toppings afterwards. This was key, as it provided a nice texture and temperature contrast.

By the time we were done with the tacos, the restaurant and I were quite full. The waitress asked if I wanted another salty señorita margarita, but I was sleepy.

As far as I can tell, what makes it a salty señorita is that it is a margarita with grand marnier in it. When I worked at a Mexican restaurant in college, we called that a Cadillac margarita.


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