Daily Dose, Scottsdale Arizona

The day after the wedding, we were all in need of a hearty breakfast. And so, we went to a place that was rated as having the best hangover breakfast In the area, The Daily Dose.

We arrived in Old Town Scottsdale to The Daily Dose to a long line of people waiting to be seated. This was both welcome and disconcerting. Welcome becauepse it meant the place was good. Disconcerting because it meant we would have to wait.

We walked up to the hostess station inside and were told that the wait would only be twenty minutes. Well, it was way more than twenty minutes. But my wife and I were with some friends that we really don’t get to see nearly enough, so I didn’t mind too much. They have a row of plastic adirondack chairs to relax in while you wait. Also while you wait, there is free coffee. It’s bad coffee. But it’s free. And nuclear hot.


We asked to be seated at the first available table, and after about 40 minutes, we were seated at a booth inside. The place looks pretty much like a sports bar that aspires to be a fancy sports bar. The table at our booth was made out of large pebbles and resin and was rather interesting. The booth reminded me of a nice-ish airport hotel and made you sit at an uncomfortably ergonomically correct angle.

The menu at Daily Dose is inventive. It’s heavy on the chorizo, which I would expect from an Arizona brunch place. And they aren’t afraid to experiment or be a little playful. My wife had the pigs in a bagel, which was a breakfast-y take on the famed cocktail wiener dish.


One of our friends had a benedict, which I’ve found, is something that native Arizonans seem to favor. Every place I’ve been has an entire section of its menu dedicated to variations on the Eggs Benedict theme.

Another of our friends and I each ordered what was easily the most inventive of dishes on the menu – the breakfast nachos. When I had scoped the restaurants menu online beforehand, I knew that I was going to eat this. I love breakfast. I love nachos. Why hadn’t I thought of this before?


When it came out, I was thrilled. Not only was the size of the dish gargantuan, but it came with a side of country gravy. Now, at most breakfast places in Scottsdale, it seems that you can always find biscuits and gravy. However, in Chicago, country gravy is almost always disappointing and tastes like it came from a sauce packet. So, when I got the sausage gravy with the breakfast nachos, I was concerned.

But the sausage gravy was pretty good. I think I would have been disappointed had I tried them on a biscuit because it didn’t taste like biscuits-and-gravy gravy. It tasted like ground beef in condensed cream of mushroom soup. So, it was good with the breakfast nachos. But it was no country gravy. I shudder to think what my friend who had also ordered the breakfast nachos thought of it. He’s a pretty adventurous cook himself, and he lives in Georgia.

Overall, the breakfast nachos were tasty. And filling. If I were really hungover and in Scottsdale, I would want these again. But I wasn’t really that hung over on this particular day. And by the end of the dish, the flavors got really muddled. There were eggs in there, but they seemed like an afterthought. And really, I would have preferred huevos rancheros with a couple of chips on the side.

The coffee, once you get seated, is different than the free coffee they give away outside. And that’s a good thing.


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