Two weeks ago, my wife went to San Francisco for work. While she was there, i managed to eat everything in the fridge. Then, at the end of that week, I met her in Florida for a friends’ wedding. So, when we got back, we came home to an empty fridge. But, we were about to leave again for a week of work and play in Arizona. So, I didn’t want to fill the fridge, but I did want to cook something. And so, I decided I would make pizza. Because there’s never any leftovers when I make pizza.

But since I’ve learned to make pizza dough, we’ve been eating a ton of it. So, to switch it up, I made stromboli, which I thought was a brilliant idea. I tried to share this enthusiasm with my wife. But she had never had a stromboli before. I tried to explain to her that is was like a pizza but rolled up into a tube.

“So,” she said. “How is it different than a calzone?”

I tried to explain that one is rolled, like a savory, meaty cinnamon roll and the other is like an Italian empanada. And for some reason, that explanation just didn’t get her all that excited. But that would change once she tasted it.


Stromboli Recipe:
1. Dough it: make 1 batch pizza dough. Or I suppose you could buy some. I’ve seen that they sell it at Trader Joe’s, but I’ve never tried it.

2. Roll it (flat): after the dough is rested, roll it flat.


3. Top it: top it like you would a regular pizza, but leave a little border around the edges. I put pepperoni on it because every calzone I’ve ever had has pepperoni in it. I also went extra heavy on the pepperoni because I read on Wikipedia that stromboli are typically made with cured meats. I also put some mushrooms.


4. Roll it: Roll up the pizza dough and toppings. This is slightly more difficult than it sounds.

5. Vent it: slice a couple of air holes into the top. Otherwise, it will blow up like the time I tried to make pizza rolls.

6. Bake it: 400 for about 25 to 30 minutes.

7. Eat it: slice the stromboli into about 2 inch slices. Like a lasagna, the first cuts are really melts and spill out all over the place. But if you let it cool, it sets up nice and you can eat it like it were a slice of a 6′ sub. Mmmm. 6′ sub. I haven’t had one of those in years.


The Stromboli were really nice. It was the same ingredients as a pizza, but the taste and experience was different. The dough was nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. The cheese was nice and gooey. And the pepperoni made the sandwich super meaty.


And the best part is, there was just enough for the two of us to eat for dinner and for me to have some for lunch the next day. And then, no leftovers. Perfect.


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3 responses to “Strombolus

  1. Trader Joe’s pizza dough is good, I have some in the fridge and am going to make this recipe this week!

    • I split my dough in half before rolling, which I forgot to mention in the write up, but hopefully, that was discernible in the photos. So, I had two stromboli. I don’t know how much dough comes in a batch from Trader Joe’s. So you may or may not want to split it.

      • Definitely going to split it up and I had gathered that from the photo. We usually make two personal sized pizzas with the dough from TJs. I’m making it tonight so will let you know how it goes. Cheers!

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