Leftovers Chicken Noodle Soup

Now that I had chicken stock made (recipe), I had to figure out what to do with it. And it only made sense to start with chicken soup.

Leftovers Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe:
1. Noodle it: I made a single batch of pasta for two servings of soup. 1 egg. 0.25c semolina. 0.33c ap flour. A little oil. Pinch salt. Mix like mad. Rest it. Roll it out. I elected not to use the pasta machine here. Chicken noodle soup always strikes me as more delicious the more irregular it is.

2. Cut it: slice the pasta sheet into noodles. Again, irregularity is fine.

3. Thaw it: take two pucks of frozen stock and start heating it in a pan. When I froze the stock, I froze it in 1c increments.

4. Poach it: take one chicken breast from the freezer. Put it in the chicken stock. You don’t have to poach the chicken all the way. Just enough to be able to cube the chicken. It will cook longer with the vegetables.

5. Cube it: cube the chicken, some carrots, and some onions, and put them back in the soup. I had these veggies left over from a roast I had made earlier. So they really just needed to be heated through.

6. Eat it: I served the soup with some Parmesan cheese. It was good. Warm. Filling. Everything that chicken soup should be. And the best part is, since I had made all parts of the soup myself, including the stock, I knew it was low sodium. And still tasty. Go figure.

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