Breakfast Pizza

J and D Mart, New Vienna, IA

One of my wife’s jobs growing up was at a gas station. There, one of her duties was to make the breakfast pizza. Unlike other foods she was in charge of making while working there, like cole slaw, my wife still likes breakfast pizza. And so, I decided I would give it a shot.

Breakfast Pizza Recipe:

1. dough it: I made my regular pizza dough (pizza dough recipe). I spread the dough out onto two pans and pre-baked them at 425 for about 8-10 minutes.

pre-baking the pizza dough

2. scramble it: a breakfast pizza consists of dough, white gravy, eggs, cheese, and a pork product. While the pizza dough is baking, scramble six eggs. This will be enough for two pizzas.

scrambled eggs and béchamel

3. sauce it: at the same time you make the eggs, start up a double batch of béchamel. When the béchamel has thickened, add about a quarter to a half cup of shredded cheese. I used asiago.

cheddar cheese for breakfast pizzas

4. cheese it: when the pizza is done par-baking, lay down a thick layer of white gravy. You will want a little more sauce than you would normally put on a pizza if you had tomato sauce; the dough will absorb a lot of the sauce. Then, spread out the scrambled eggs between the two pizza. And top the pizza with some shredded cheddar cheese. I use about a cup of shredded cheese per pizza. And it has to be cheddar cheese. It’s traditional. Plus, you need it to balance the sweetness of the white gravy.

pre-cut pancetta from Trader Joe's

5. ham it: every breakfast pizza needs pork. A while back, this pre-cubed pancetta at Trader Joe’s was recommended to me. It’s perfect for breakfast pizza. Use one entire package for two breakfast pizzas.

breakfast flavors in matrimony

6. bake it: stick it in a 425 oven for another 8 minutes. Everything is already cooked, so you just want the cheese to melt and for the flavors to marry. That’s a phrase that people on cooking shows seem to be using a lot lately. Flavors marry. Like Italian wedding soup.

breakfast pizza glory

7. eat it: breakfast pizza is awesome. Typically, the only time we get breakfast pizzas is when we order them as part of the nieces’ and nephews’ fundraisers for school/extra-curricular activities. The pizzas arrive frozen and are dry and bland and yet somehow really salty.

These weren’t salty, except for the pancetta, which was salty in a perfectly subtle way. And the pizzas weren’t dry either. You won’t really need to use all of the white gravy – maybe 3/4 of it. If you put too much on there, it will get soggy. But if you put about 3/4 or 4/5 of a cup per pizza, it will be lovely.

Overall, the flavors are really nice together. The white gravy with the eggs and cheese get really creamy. The pizza dough creates a nice texture element. And the pancetta adds a nice savory element that keeps everything from getting too quiche-y.

I don’t know why every single brunch place in Chicago doesn’t have breakfast pizza on the menu.


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