Roasted Chicken with Lime

Ina Garten roasting chicken for the Food Network

Last year, I learned to roast a whole duck (roast duck recipe). This year, I decided I would try and roast a whole chicken. As a starting point, I used an old Ina Garten roast chicken recipe.

Roast Chicken with Lime recipe:

1. dry it: first thing I did was to check the chicken for any overlooked pin-hairs/feathers. Those gross my wife out, and unless you’re going to deep fry a chicken, they never cook off.  Then, I patted the chicken dry. They say that this promotes browning and crispy skin. I’m not sure how much I believe this, but as this was my first whole chicken, I figured I’d follow the directions.

chicken in the raw

2. bed it: loosely following Ina Garten’s roast chicken recipe,  I chopped up some vegetables and set them in a roasting vessel; in this case, I used my iron skillet.

carrots, onions, and celery

3. stuff it: the Ina Garten perfect roast chicken recipe calls for lemons to be stuffed inside the chicken. We didn’t have any lemons on hand. So I used limes. I quarter a lime and stuffed it in the chicken cavity, along with some salt, pepper, and a ton of thyme.

4. truss it: you’re supposed to truss a chicken to ensure even cooking. The Ina Garten perfect roast chicken recipe says you can get by with just tying together the chicken drumsticks, so I didn’t bother with a proper chicken trussing. Also, I don’t really know how to properly truss a chicken, so this worked out.

5. butter it: I rubbed the outside of the chicken with butter, salt, and pepper. This too, apparently, aids browning and promotes skin crispiness. I also pierced the chicken skin a couple times so that the chicken fat could render out from underneath the skin. This is something they tell you to do when you roast a duck, so I figured I would do it here.

chicken buttered, stuffed, trussed, and ready to roast

6. roast it: 425 degrees. After 30-45 minutes, your house will begin to smell awesome. After 90 minutes the chicken will be done and your dog will be going crazy.

7. rest it: I set the chicken onto a plate and tented it with some foil to rest for about twenty minutes. In the meantime, I baked some french fries.

chicken, roasted

8. eat it: this chicken a wonderful surprise. I dove into the two thighs and chicken wings. My wife had a drumstick and some chicken breast. And we were delighted. Not only was this meal amazingly cheap – the chicken cost me less than $7 at Trader Joe’s and we had a lot left over – but it was exceedingly delicious. The chicken was moist. The skin was crispy. And the lime added a nice flavor twist that really worked well with the salt in the dish. It really just wakes things up.

The only thing I was disappointed about was that I didn’t make nearly enough vegetables. The vegetables had taken on an amazing chicken-lime-butter flavor and were super savory. The carrots were sweet and juicy, the celery had softened and had taken on pleasant hint of meat and onion, and the onions were like little flavor bombs. So meaty.


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  1. Delicious. I’ve never heard of chicken with lime, but it sounds awesome.

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