Jang Ramyun

Joong Boo korean grocery store north of Kimball and Belmont

On a recent trip to the Joong Boo Market korean grocery store, I stocked up on some Shin Ramyun, my favorite. And I also picked up a handful of ramyuns that I had never tried before. Here is the first in this series – Jang Ramyun.

jang ramyun

From the start, Jang Ramyun is confusing. “Jang”, in Korean, translates to “paste” and not “soy”, as the packaging may suggest.

jang ramyun packaging back

In Korean cuisine, there is goh choo jang (red pepper paste) and there is den jang (korean miso paste). But to simply call something Jang Ramyun? I’m not sure how one would reach the conclusion that this is soy flavored unless you read both the English and Korean packaging in conjunction. And even then, when you eat this, the packaging is still misleading.

jang ramyun flavor packets

When I made this Jang Ramyun, it didn’t taste like soy. But it did remind me of another paste/sauce I’ve had before. It basically tasted like someone had made a regular spicy ramyun, like Shin Ramyun or maybe Neoguri and then added hoisin sauce to it. And it wasn’t very good.

Jang Ramyun

Even though I know I will never get this particular flavor of ramyun again, it continues to irk me that it Jang Ramyun calls itself a “soy flavored noodle”. So, after doing a quick Wikipedia search, I found that “Soy Sauce” is found as a See Also for hoisin sauce. So maybe that’s how they decided to call it soy flavored.

Hoisin Sauce - see also soy sauce


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