Madison Farmers Market

at the capital building in Madison, WI

Last week, we were invited to attend the baptism of the daughter of my wife’s cousin. In a rare turn of events, we ended up arriving there about an hour and a half too early. My wife and I wanted to find a place to hang out and kill some time before the baptism. And that is how we stumbled upon the Madison Farmers Market.

map of Madison Famers Market

The capital building takes up about four city blocks in what is presumably the center of Madison, WI. For the Farmers Market, they set up the different stands and tents along the perimeter of those four blocks. My wife and I didn’t know this when we started walking through the Famers Market.

The Madison Farmers Market has a good variety of organic and not-organic producers, which is a mix I tend to prefer. The produce was pretty seasonal, which meant that tomatoes were harder to find than gourds and squash. And still, both the tomatoes and the squash each looked beautiful. Also in abundance were pepper farmers. From bell peppers to hot peppers to dried chills, you could pretty much find it all, which is something I found surprising from an area that is not particularly hot.

There was also a fair number of meat producers there. If one were so inclined, one could have purchased chicken, turkey, or rabbit. I’m not sure if I saw beef or pork, but I’m sure it could be found there.

Because of the fact that we were a 2.5 hour drive from home, my wife and I tried to refrain from buying anything. But after we found a really nice apple stand (one of several at the market), we couldn’t resist. And then, once we bought one thing, we ended up buying a lot of other things.

We stopped and bought some carrots, which we got for $2. I have been absolutely crazy about carrots lately. I think they are delicious. And these will be eaten raw with lunches and also to go along with a roast chicken I plan on making later this week.

We also bought some potatoes for $3. They are small red potatoes, I think. These two, will make a lovely addition to my roast chicken, as will the acorn squash that I was particularly enthusiastic about getting now that it is colder outside.

2 for 1 scones!

The best part about this Farmers Market was that we had arrived there near closing time. This meant that a lot of the producers there were ready to offload their remaining goods. My wife and I stopped to get 2 for 1 scones that were delicious – and I don’t even normally like scones.

squeaky cheese curds

But the purchase that I was most excited about were the cheese curds. There was a kid trying to get rid of them at 2 for $3. I jumped at the deal and got 1 bag of cheddar and 1 bag of pepper jack. By then, the market was closing down and the baptism was about to start. So we headed back to the car and I ate them in the parking lot, which probably makes me the first person ever to tailgate at a baptism.


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