Buffalo Wrap

buffalo wrap

My wife’s favorite thing to eat at Duffy’s is the buffalo wrap. But now that we’re pregnant (and also a little old for that college bar), I’ve had to figure out how to make a reasonable facsimile at home.

My wife likes buffalo chicken wraps because she gets to eat chicken wings without having to deal with any chicken bones. My wife will tell you that she has “meat issues,” which essentially means that her idea of a perfect piece of meat is one that is fat-less, boneless, and not too chewy. In other words, her favorite meats are tenderloin, scallops, and chicken mcnuggets.

Buffalo Wrap Recipe:

buffalo wrap ingredients

1. soak it: slice up some chicken breasts into popcorn chicken or nugget sizes. Drop the chicken in a bowl and cover with buttermilk. Stick this in the fridge for at least an hour, but overnight would be better.

christening the chicken

2. dredge it: after the soak, put the chicken in a mixture of flour and cornstarch. This will give you an extra crispy crust, even though you don’t have chicken skin to work with. It helps if the dredging flour is in a container with a lid. That way, you can put a whole bunch of chicken inside, close the top, and shake like shake’n’bake. You’ll need to do this in batches.

flour and cornstarch

3. fry it: I use a shallow fry for this method, although if I had a deep fryer, I would totally do that. I put about a half inch of oil in by big iron skillet and heated it on high to medium high. Once the oil starts to get wispy, add the chicken. It’s pretty thin, so once it’s gets nice and golden brown on one side, flip it over and cook the other.

frying in batches

4. sauce it: add some buffalo sauce (frank’s red hot, butter, soy sauce, dijon) to a big bowl and drop in about 5 pieces of chicken per wrap. Toss to coat.

chicken in sauce

5. build it: put a big handful of chopped romaine lettuce on top of a big flour tortilla. Put the chicken on top of that. And then top with some blue cheese dressing (sour cream, milk, olive oil, blue cheese, pepper).

wife making the blue cheese dressing

6. wrap it: fold the left and right sides over towards the center and then roll up the wrap. If you don’t know how to do this, go to Chipotle and watch what they do. You’ll have to be a little gentler with your wrap than they are, however, because at Chipotle, they use some sort of half-rubber/half-flour tortilla that is endlessly stretchy and impossible to tear. Regular flour tortillas, in contrast, can tear if you wrap too tightly.

ready to wrap

7. eat it: in contrast to the seasoned waffle fries they serve with the buffalo wrap at Duffy’s, I made some tater tots because that’s what I happened to have on hand in the freezer. The tater tots weren’t quite as good of a pairing with the buffalo wrap, for some reason. But the wrap itself was insanely good.

I had fried up two pounds of chicken breasts when I made this, so we had enough chicken for a total of ten wraps, which we ate serially over the next several dinners and with gusto. Because when it comes to buffalo chicken wraps, like most otherwise mediocre food that I have been paying for, when you keep the total number of ingredients down and focus on the ratio of things, it becomes much better when you make it at home. And man, were these good.

I have a feeling that, as my wife’s pregnancy progresses, she will be requesting much more of these. For the year and a half prior to our becoming pregnant, I was perpetually craving buffalo wings. Now, I guess it’s her turn. Although, I suppose I will soon have to start worrying about spicy foods prematurely inducing labor.


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