Breakfast Sandwiches

i have no idea what this place is called, but they serve up decent food at a decent price

I picked up this super low effort method while eating at a random deli near the Hotel Alexis in Seattle. Except for the fact that they used a plastic container and I use glass to cook the eggs, this is pretty much how they did it there. This method is great for when you’re in a hurry, when it’s too hot in the morning to be standing over the stove, or when you’re hung over. This method is also good if you have a pregnant wife who sometimes threatens to not-get out of bed unless she has a hot breakfast sandwich in hand.

Breakfast Sandwiches Recipe: 

1. toast it: toast some english muffins. We had just gotten rid of our toaster oven during our kitchen remodel and had yet to replace it, so I put these in the oven at 400 degrees, which is the same temperature that tater tots cook at.

english muffins and tater tots

2. beat it: I use 1 egg and 1T of milk per sandwich. I beat the egg in a glass storage container which happens to have the same diameter as an english muffin. That’s serendipitous.

1 egg per glass container per sandwich

3. microwave it: microwave the eggs for about a total of two minutes.

after 1 minute, still runny

after two minutes, nice and fluffy eggs

4. dump it: dump the egg out onto the bottom half of the english muffin. The nice thing about this method is that egg doesn’t really stick to glass. So you don’t need to pre-spray or pre-oil the glass container before you cook them.

eggs slide right out

5. eat it: Put some slices of ham on top (I microwaved a couple slices per sandwich to warm them up). Top with some cheese. And eat. These are great by themselves, but they are even better with tater tots.

a breakfast for my wife

I like mine with ketchup. Because I love ketchup on just about everything. And since it’s breakfast, what I do is slop a bunch of ketchup in the corner of my plate and then pour some hot sauce on top of the ketchup. I then dip the sandwich or the tater tots into the ketchup/hot sauce. And every bite gets a nice mix of sweet and spicy.


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