Grilled Eggplant Salad

grilled eggplant salad

The class I teach usually takes up my Friday afternoons, but over the summer, I like to take Friday afternoons off, work permitting. So far, work has permitted me to take off only one summer Friday afternoon. And with my class already starting up again next week, thereby ending my summer, I decided to take the whole Friday off, which worked out because the Chicago Air and Water Show was putting on their full dress rehearsal.

Grilled Eggplant Salad Recipe:

1. slice it: take one eggplant and slice it into half inch slices.

eggplant slices

2. crout it: make croutons or grab a box of the pre made stuff. I had some leftover slices of bread that had been grilled. I cut those crostini slices into cubes.

3. grill it: brush one side of the eggplant with olive oil and put it on a hot grill. after a couple minutes, give it a quarter turn so it gets good grill marks. then, brush the other side with olive oil, flip, and repeat. Eggplant takes a couple minutes per side, but like most vegetables on the grill, when it looks done, it is.

oil up both sides

4. dress it: remove the eggplant to a plate and top with croutons and goat cheese crumbles. if you have extra olive oil that you didn’t brush on the eggplant, you can finish the dish with a little of that. and that’s pretty much all you need.

grilled eggplant salad and chips and also some grilled zucchini

5. eat it: my wife and i ate these for lunch on our building’s roof deck. I served this up with a side of salt and vinegar chips, and we ate as we watched jets buzz over us and the boats on Lake Michigan. It made for a good meal. Eggplant and goat cheese really like each other – so much so that it surprises me that you don’t see the two together more frequently.

thunderbirds over lake michigan


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