croque monsieur

boudin soudough

My wife had been out of town for work for two weeks in San Fransisco. When she returned, she brought me a boule of Sourdough from one of my favorite bakeries. It takes a special woman to bring a loaf of sourdough as a carry on. But like I say, people do weird shit at airports.

boule of boudin sourdough

To reward my wife for her very thoughtful gift, I thought I would make one of her favorite sandwiches, the croque monsieur. This is a sandwich that we first tried when we were in Paris, back before we were married. We had just gone to the Eiffel Tower and were exploring some of the surrounding parks. We walked up to a food truck because my wife wanted a Diet Coke, which they call Coke Light over there. But once we saw the sandwiches they were making, we had to try it.

Croque Monsieur Recipe:


butter side up


1. Butter it: I took four slices of the sourdough and buttered one side. You don’t have to use sourdough for this sandwich, and I’m pretty sure that a traditional croque monsieur does not use sourdough. But this particular sourdough that I had is spectacular. So I was going to use it.

2. Mustard it: I then put a little bit of dijon mustard (after all, this is a french sandwich) on the other side of each slice of bread and placed each one is a hot skillet, butter side down.

3. Ham it: a croque monsieur is a french ham and cheese sandwich. I put down a slice of ham on each slice of bread.

ham and cheese

4. Cheese it: traditionally, you would use gruyere, but I could not find gruyere at Trader Joe’s. So, I used Swiss. One slice of cheese per slice of bread.

croque monsieur

5. Eat it: This is a good sandwich. The bread gets nice and toasted, the ham gets warm, and the cheese is nice and melty. It’s the simple straightforwardness of a ham sandwich and the gooiness of a grilled cheese. What’s not to love? Plus, it’s so simple.


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  1. The Swedish Chef

    I’m from SF and every time my boyfriend and I go back we pick up several loaves of sourdough to stick in the freezer. It’s not crazy – it’s practical!

    I’d never thought of doing a croque monsieur with sourdough, but I imagine it’s fantastic. Next time I make it back to SF, I’m definitely going to try this.

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