Buttermilk Ranch

buttermilk ranch on romaine at a picnic

When I had the kogi tacos in Los Angeles, it came with a side salad. So, when I tried to make them on my own, I figured I would follow suit.

I was thinking about ranch dressing because I had just seen some being made on TV. But when I followed the 5 Ingredient Fix Buttermilk Ranch recipe as written, it came out too thick and tasted like eating a spoonful of mayonnaise. It was gross.

I ended up doubling the amount of buttermilk and substituted red onion for scallions (because that is what I happened to have on hand), and that made all the difference.

the ingredients

Buttermilk Ranch Recipe:

1. mix it: 0.5C mayonnaise, 2/3C buttermilk, 1 minced garlic clove, and about 1T of finely diced red onion.

2. refrigerate it: at first, the dressing had the consistency that I wanted, but it still tasted a little strongly of mayonnaise. I decided to leave it sit in the fridge for about an hour. And I’m glad I decided not to do anything. The time in the fridge let the flavors of the minced garlic and the diced red onion permeate in a nice way.

3. dress it: we chopped up a head of romaine lettuce and served it with nothing but the dressing on top. We were eating this salad with kogi tacos that had pico inside, so I didn’t think the side salad needed to have a lot. I wanted the salad to provide a nice refreshing crunch and a texture contrast to the tacos. And it did all of those things nicely.

The dressing, which had originally worried me with it’s strong mayonnaise taste, turned out to have a nice ranch-y flavor to it. I always thought that you needed a ton of  pepper, or cumin, or chili powder, or who knows what else to make a good ranch dressing. Turns out you only need buttermilk and some time.


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