Easy Cheesy Potatoes

easy cheesy potatoes

Whenever we go back to my in-laws and grill out, my mother-in-law usually makes a side of cheesy potatoes. In between home fries and and a cheesy gratin, these chunked up potatoes with onions and cheese are just as easy as they are delicious.

Easy Cheesy Potatoes Recipe:

I have no idea whether my mother-in-law calls these “easy cheesy” potatoes or just potatoes. My wife called to ask for the recipe, which my mother-in-law couldn’t really provide. She doesn’t really have recipes for a lot of the great things she cooks because she cooks by feel.

She did say that she uses potatoes, onions, and velveeta, but I substituted the velveeta with shredded cheddar, an ingredient I had a ton of sitting in my fridge.

the ingredients

1. Cut it: cut the potatoes into largish chunks. You are looking for a pretty large chunks. I had medium red potatoes, and I would cut up each one into about 6 pieces or so. I think russets would probably be ok with this dish, as it’s pretty forgiving. Next time, I may try Yukon Golds.

Next, cut the onion into large chunks, similar to the potatoes. Set this all on top of a large piece of foil.

2. Cheese it: sprinkle your cheese on top. I used about a cup or a cup and a half of shredded cheese to go with about a pound of potatoes. Don’t be afraid to use a lot more cheese than this. Actually, now that I think about it, you should definitely use a lot more. Basically, you can’t add too much.

3. Wrap it: take another large piece of foil to cover the potatoes and crimp it up to make a aluminum foil package. It doesn’t have to be water tight, but you wouldn’t want anything to fall out.

4. Grill it: my mother-in-law makes these potatoes when she grills. She’ll start the grill, throw on the potatoes, and then cook some burgers, hot dogs, and cheese brats. When she’s done grilling the meat, she’ll pull off the potatoes. It’s pretty fast, but my mother-in-law seems to have a really hot grill. She somehow manages to get the fire somewhere between mere high heat and a roaring grease fire.

4. Eat it: open up the packet carefully; there’ll be a lot of steam. I ended up making these potatoes on the day I made tri tip and the grills were busy. So, these particular potatoes in these photos were baked in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Still super easy, and that is the whole point.

I could think of a ton of ways to change up the recipe by either pre-boiling the potatoes, pre-roasting the potatoes, or just adding garlic and thyme or maybe cayenne, but I think that would miss the point of this dish. The point is that it is simple. And yet, still good. Like an old school gratin that uses just potatoes and cream, it is the simplicity of using just three ingredients in this dish that makes it.


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