The Local Yolk

local yolk cafe

On our last day in Los Angeles, we were headed towards the race track to bet on some horses. But first, we had to eat a big breakfast. Because that is what one does before one heads to the races. (Not really; I made that up.)

To get to The Local Yolk, we stepped across the street from our hotel. Our hotel deserves mention because it reminds you of the hotel that Bruce Willis stayed at in Pulp Fiction. But at the same time, it feels like a really well run family business. The staff there was all super attentive and cordial, and you get really nice perks like free boogie board rentals, free bicycle rentals, free beach stuff rentals (including kiddie sand castle building stuff), and ocean views. And considering that it was an incredibly short walk from the beach, it’s a pretty good deal.

sea view inn

the hotel consists of three separate buildings on three separate blocks

ocean views

After we checked out the hotel, we walked across the street to The Local Yolk. I wanted a place that served breakfast burritos, and I was told that they would have them there. I was not disappointed.

When we stepped inside, the placed was packed. But not packed in the annoying way that Chicago brunch places get. It was packed like places get packed when you watch Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. It was full of wonderfully brisk and happy people, tons of kids, and affable servers. I figured we would have to wait, but the six of us were seated quickly in the back of the restaurant under _the largest_ hawaiian shirt I have ever seen. I would like to think that it once belonged to a really famous sumo wrestler and that it was also washed before it was hung on the wall.

The menu at The Local Yolk is huge, which I generally take as a bad sign. Plus, the menu is laminated in plastic and reminds me of a Denny’s menu. There are pictures of many of the items, as if you needed a visual to decide whether or not you wanted french toast.

In the “Mexican Corner” section of the menu, there are heuvos rancheros, a southwestern burrito, and the gordito burrito – bring your appetite. And for real, that is what it is called. It’s not a gordito burrito. It’s full name is the “gordito burrito – bring your appetite.” It’s a food challenge wrapped in the title of the dish. Plus, it even “dare[s] you to finish!”

"gordito burrito - bring your appetite"

Challenge accepted.

comes with a side of chips

Challenge defeated.

clean plate club

The burrito was good. The eggs were puffy and weren’t overcooked, as eggs tend to get in breakfast burritos. The sausage and cheeses were abundant, and the red enchillada had a strong paprika note which made it smoky in an familiar way. The guacamole was unremarkable. The chips were thin and crispy and provided a much needed texture break, without which this burrito challenge may not have been completable.

The coffee here was superb. This came as a huge surprise. I didn’t think people really drank coffee in southern California. But I also tend to think that the beaches of Los Angeles are much hotter than they actually are. Probably, this is because my only other Los Angeles experience centered around Rancho Cucamonga (I swear, that is a real place and not a place that was invented for the setting of Next Friday)

Overall, The Local Yolk is exactly what you want in a breakfast place. It’s simple, solid, and efficient. If I lived near here, this would probably be my go-to breakfast place.


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