Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

The in-laws were coming for (what-I-hope-becomes-an-annual) trip to visit us in Chicago. My wife’s siblings all have children, and so the trips are jam-packed with kid/family friendly activities and Chicago tourism. It makes for some pretty long days, so I wanted to make sure that everyone got a really good breakfast to start out the day.

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe:

1. Mix it (dry): I forgot to research a good cinnamon roll recipe ahead of time, so on the morning before we were headed out to Lincoln Park Zoo, I decided to make the first recipe that came up on my google search. It was a Paula Deen recipe, but I was in a time crunch, so I decided I would try it anyway (with some modifications). I mixed 3.5C flour with 1 packet rapid rise yeast and 1/4C sugar (I skipped the salt).

2. Mix it (wet): I mixed 0.5C hot water with 0.5C cold milk (I didn’t bother with scalding the milk, as the recipe suggested). I then microwaved that for about 30 seconds. I then melted 1/3C butter (5+1/3T) and beat 1 egg. I put all these into the measuring cup. Then, I combined the wet with the dry.

wet and dry ingredients

3. Knead it: I kneaded this dough for a while. It was pleasant to do so. In contrast to the dough I usually make, this had butter and an egg. So it had a supple feel to it.

4. Flatten it: after the dough rose for about half an hour, I rolled it out onto my work surface. The recipe called for rolling it out into a 15×9 shape. I was not about to measure it, so I just made it as big and flat as I could.

getting ready for butter and cinnamon sugar

5. Butter it: the recipe then called for melting a stick of butter to get brushed onto the dough. This was just way too much butter. I had enough to butter the pan and to make the icing.

6. Sprinkle it: the recipe also called for 3/4C sugar and 2 whole Tablespoons of cinnamon (which was most of the entire container of cinnamon that I had). This, too, was way too much. I sprinkled it ultra-liberally, and I still only used about half of it. The rest of it still sits on my counter, waiting for me to figure out what to do with it (I will probably just throw it out).

7. Cut it: the original recipe wanted me to then roll it up into a log and then slice the log up into pieces. This didn’t make a lot of sense to me, especially on a hot summer day. So I sliced up into 18 strips, rolling up each strip before setting in a pan that I pre-brushed with the remaining melted butter.

heavy handed cinnamon and sugar

8. Bake it: 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

9: Eat it: when they came out of the oven, these were really nice. I tried making a glaze with some powdered sugar, but I didn’t quite have all the ingredients on hand for that. So, the cinnamon rolls were a little dry. But, they seemed to be a hit anyway. And because I rolled up each cinnamon roll separately, each of the rolls had a nice uniqueness to them that reminded me of a Kandinsky, in a way.


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  1. Your cinnamon rolls look so yummy! You’re right, rolling them up individually kind of gives them character 🙂

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