Cooking Fail – Pizza Rolls

blow out pizza rolls

With some of my in-laws arriving late in the evening after a long drive, I figured they would need a snack when they got here. So, I decided I would try and make some pizza rolls. It had been years since I made pizza rolls, and back then, I used puff pastry. This time, I wanted to use regular pizza dough.

First, I diced up some pepperoni as small as I could. I had about 3-4 ounces left over from the last time I made pepperoni pizza.

diced pepperoni

I mixed this with half a can of tomato sauce and 8oz of shredded mozarella and provolone.

pizza fixins

Then, I made my regular pizza dough. I split it into two halves and rolled each half into a large rectangle.

For the fillings, I put about a tablespoon of filling onto one of the dough halves.

pizza filling

I aligned everything into neat rows – because I like food arranged into neat rows.

pizza rows

I then topped this with the remaining half of rolled out pizza dough. Then, I crimped the dough together like raviolis.

before the bake

Finally, I took my pizza cutter to release each pizza puff and set it on a flour-dusted baking tray. Baked at 400 for 20 minutes.

18 pizza rolls = 1 messy tray

These pizza rolls all blew up in the oven. I think it’s because I didn’t poke any air holes in them. For some reason, back when I made this same recipe with puff pasty, I rarely had any blowouts. But for these, they all exploded.

Fortunately, when I let them cool, the cheese all solidified, so at least each bite had the same amount of dough to cheese as I had intended. And, when I ate them, they did taste quite good. When the nieces and nephews arrived, they ate them all up. They were nice and full (so to speak) of pepperoni flavor. And they were a great late night (late night for kids anyway) snack. I just wish they didn’t look so gross.


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