Juicy Lucys

3 lb chuck

With my in-laws coming from Iowa to visit, I wanted to treat them to something on the grill that would be tasty. But, I also needed to be able to make it on a large scale without too much extra effort. And that is when I thought back to an episode of Cook’s County where they made Juicy Lucys.

Juicy Lucy Recipe: (makes 8 big ol patties)

1. Shred it: I don’t have a subscription to Cook’s Country, so I couldn’t find their recipe. Instead, I found this one and followed it pretty closely. First, I needed to make a double batch, so I took four slices of white bread and shredded it by hand.

shredded bread

2. Soak it: to the bread, I added a 1/2 cup of milk, 2t of garlic powder, and 1t pepper. I skipped the salt. Let the milk soak in for a second, and then mush it all up. It should form a paste.

mushy bread

3. Beef it: mix in the beef. Since it was a double batch, I had 3 pounds of ground chuck. Mix until the bread paste is incorporated throughout.

beef and bread

4. Pat it: I split the now 3+ pounds of meat mixture in half. Then I quartered it. Then, I split each quarter in half (I wanted a total of 16 meat portions). This would be enough beef for a patty. I rolled the meat into a ball then smushed it to make a patty. I set them on a tray until I was half done.

bottom half of the juicy lucy

5. Cheese it: Cut about a quarter inch slice of processed cheese and set it on top of the bottom patties. These will later be sandwiched between another patty of meat.

i was too cheap to buy the name brand

6. Sandwich it: smush out the remaining patties with the remaining half of the meat. Place each patty on top of the cheese. Then, pick the whole thing up and pinch the seams until you get one really fat patty with cheese hidden inside. I didn’t put some cheese inside some of the patties, in case the kiddos wanted something a little simpler. Note how much shorter a double stack of patties without cheese is (upper right) compared to the double patties with cheese.

fat patties with cheese hidden inside

7. Grill it: I made these patties a couple days ahead of time and froze them. Then, I took them straight from freezer to grill. Because of their thickness, I cooked them on medium heat until they were nice and brown on both sides.

juicy lucys

8. Eat it: although much of the cheese had squirted out during the grilling process (I think I will use a stickier cheese next time, like cheddar, blue cheese, or maybe brie), these burgers were absolutely fabulous. We put these on some pretzel rolls that I had baked earlier that day, and it was perfect. I don’t think I even had any ketchup or mustard on it. It was pretzel roll and juicy lucy and it was perfect.

I tried to get my wife to photograph me eating it, and I think she was messing with me. She made me pose about eight times for my action shot.

action shot take 1

action shot take 2

action shot take 3

action shot take 4



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