Skillet Fingerling Potatoes

fingerling potatoes and brussel sprouts

Tuesday night, we returned from visiting my in-laws. Since I had been trying to eat up all the groceries before we had left, we really had almost nothing to eat. Fortunately, I had some pork loin chops in the freezer and a bag of fingerling potatoes that I had been meaning to figure out something to do with.

Skillet Fingerling Potatoes Recipe:

1. Wash it: I had bought these particular fingerling potatoes at Trader Joe’s a couple weeks ago. I usually don’t particularly care one way or the other for fingerlings (although they are pretty good straight on the grill), but I bought these because I thought they looked so much like actual fingers. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I had to get them. They sat in my cupboard for a while, and they had grown some eyes. I think that’s gross, as I had to pick them off as I washed the spuds.

2. Fry it: I put a little bit of duck fat in a skillet and set the skillet on high. If I didn’t have duck fat, I probably would have used a mix of butter and canola oil. Once the fat melted and was hot, I put the potatoes straight in. I also was making some chops, and I put those in at the same time. Since the fingerlings were so slender and finger-like, I figured they would all pretty much cook at the same time.

pork and fingerlings in the skillet

3. Spice it: I added some garlic powder, paprika (it is summertime, after all), pepper, thyme, and pepper.

4. Eat it: Once the meat is cooked through, you’re done. I also had some brussel sprouts in the freezer left over from the time I made grilled sprouts. I put these on a baking sheet at 400 and coated with some olive oil. There weren’t that many sprouts left, bu I figured we had to have at least some semblance of vegetables with this meal – empty pantry or not.

We ate the pork chops with Famous Dave’s, which is my favorite barbecue sauce to have with any kind of pork. I also added some heaping helpings of hot sauce to my barbecue sauce to give it a little extra kick. ‘Twas good. Barbecue + hot sauce is my favorite way to eat meat. I know I probably should make more pan gravies or sauces, but I do this whenever I’m feeling lazy, which happens quite often.

whole foods hot sauce

The potatoes were a nice surprise. The skins had crisped up nicely and reminded me of a not-as-dried-out baked potato skin. The insides of these potatoes were waxy and didn’t quite get that mashed potato interior I was hoping for. But, they still made for a nice side dish, especially given how low maintenance they were to make. Plus, the novelty of these remarkably finger-looking fingerlings kept me interested throughout the meal.


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