cheesy pretzel bread

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Since I’ve been trying to make as much food as I can from scratch, we haven’t had a lot of ready-to-eat food just lying around. But now that my wife is pregnant, I find myself having to find a way to accommodate her sudden and intense needs to eat right away.

Cheesy Pretzel Bread Recipe:

1. Slice it: I took one leftover pretzel roll that I had lying around. I had made them earlier in the day when I tried to make hamburgers. Pretzel rolls are best when eaten right away. So I was glad to be using up as many of them as possible on the day they were baked.

2. Butter it: I spread some fake butter on each slice.

3. Cheese it: I sprinkled some shredded 3-cheese mixture on each slice.

4. Toast it: I put it in the toaster oven and baked it at 350 (according to my very old toaster oven’s temperature gage) for about 8 minutes (according to the toaster oven’s timer).

5. Eat it: these turned out surprisingly good. They were crispy, cheesy, and really brought out the tastiness of the pretzel. My pregnant wife really seemed to enjoy them. And she was even nice enough to spare a slice for me. We ended up eating all of our remaining pretzel rolls like this. (try dipping them in a little bit of spicy mustard)

cheesy pretzel bread


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  1. Sarah

    Yummy. This pregnant lady thinks it sounds delicious too!

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