Steak Tacos

ludicrously expensive organic corn tortillas

I was starving. And it was getting late. I was planning on grilling up a nice taco fiesta on the roof. But things quickly devolved. I needed food fast. So I fired up my cast iron skillet.

Steak Tacos Recipe:

1. Chop it: First thing I did was to chop up half an onion and 1 orange bell pepper. I tried to cut things into short, stout sticks to match the size that I would later cut the meat. The bell pepper was organic, but the onion was not. In it’s defense though, it was an authentic Vidalia onion, or so the sticker said.

the sticker makes it true

2. Sear it: I put the skirt steak straight from the package and on to the cast iron skillet. No salt, no pepper, no oil, no nothing. This is how I cook most meat in the summertime. Grills and cast iron skillets, when well seasoned, don’t need a lot of help.

I put it all in the same skillet, with the skirt steak in the center. I love mixing food, but my wife is not a food mixer. So the steak keeps things sequestered. Skirt steak is pretty thin, so you can put everything in at the same time.

beef divider

3. Rest it: I usually don’t rest my meats after cooking them. It’s a terrible habit. But I always do it with skirt steak. It’s really just a super juicy piece of meat, and if you don’t rest it, it makes a mess.

4. Slice it: After resting, slice the steak into little, bite-sized pieces. Cut across the grain. It will taste better.

5. Steam it: I wet a paper towel, wrapped the corn tortillas inside, and microwaved them for thirty seconds.

6. Eat it: From the fridge, we pulled out some shredded cheese mix, cheapo guacamole dip, and some hot sauce. We also had some beans from a can and instant Spanish rice. It made for a much fuller taco than I usually eat, but the corn tortillas, in addition to being shamefully expensive from Whole Foods, were quite crumbly. When you filled it a little fuller, the amount of bending of the tortilla was a little less, which helped things along.

food segregated

From start to finish, this meal took less than twenty minutes to make, which was merciful. The cheese mix had monterrey jack in it, which was super creamy and refreshing. The skirt steak was tender with a nice crust and made for a really great filling. And since they were cooked in the same skillet as the steak, the peppers and onions had really good flavor.


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