Six Corners BBQ Fest 2011

6 corners bbq fest tickets

I always thought that when people referred to Six Corners, they were talking about a place in Wicker Park. And maybe they are. But apparently, there is another Six Corners in Portage Park. And they’re having a first annual 6 Corners BBQ Fest there.

To attend this inaugural street fest, my wife and I had to go up to Portage Park. I’m pretty sure this was our first time spending time in Portage Park ever, so we decided to call up some friends who live nearby. They are about to have a baby, and we’re super excited for them.

Once we all met up, the first thing I did was to get lemonade for my wife and I. Then, I proceeded to put some vodka from a flask into them. I kept the flask in my cargo shorts, which were recently purchased for this precise purpose. Last summer, I thought I was old enough to get rid of all my cargo shorts. Apparently, I was wrong.

One large lemonade requires half a flask of vodka. Adding vodka to your lemonade is a tasty and economical way to spend a summer afternoon. This is something I learned from my wife’s cousin, who now has a baby of her own and likely rarely spikes her vodka at street fairs anymore. Plus, she moved to Baltimore.

(vodka) lemonades

Drinking my lemonade, it became apparent that the patrons at this streetfair were a little different than most. Likely, this was because of the location of the event; it wasn’t near any public transportation and it was far from downtown.

At times, the street fair seemed like a stroller expo. There were a ton of families at this event. The presence of a bouncy house probably had something to do with it.

Something they also had was a dunk tank. For a couple bucks, you could try to dunk the local alderman. Our friends had been meaning to talk to him about their hoarder-neighbors. And although approaching the alderman about it while he was in the dunk tank would have been convenient, you know, since he was in a cage and all, it likely wouldn’t have been an effective way to seek relief.

So instead, we decided to get some food. The first place we ate at was The Chicago BBQ Company. They have a really big facade. Really big.

chicago bbq company

I ordered a brisket sandwich. It came with a good amount of really tasty brisket on top of a super plain white hamburger bun, which strikes me as a very Texan preparation of bbq. The sauce, which complemented the brisket nicely, wasn’t very sweet, which further made the food seem very not-Chicago. But whatever, it was good. And my wife likes brisket.

chicago bbq company brisket

Next, we ate from Robinson’s Ribs. This is a place that my wife tells me I have been to before, but I swear the only time I ever eat their food is ate street fairs or the Taste of Chicago. Usually, I get their ribs, which I enjoy thoroughly.

robinson's tent

On this particular day, we decided to get a pulled pork sandwich. It was seven bucks/tickets. But it was worth every penny. It was huge, the pork was cooked right, and the sauce was sticky and sweet – very Chicago. It was served on a nice hoagie bun that reminded me of a mcrib and also happened to be rectangular. I ate it for what seemed like half an hour.

robinson's pulled pork

Also at Robinson’s, we got corn on the cob because my wife and I can never resist corn on the cob at a street fair.

corn on the cob

After that, we ate ice cream. It came in a sweet and crispy waffle cone that was huge. And it was filled past the brim with the ice cream of my wife’s choice – chocolate peanut butter ice cream. She ate some of it. And I gladly ate the rest. It was really melty. And a lot of it landed on my shirt.

ice cream

For a BBQ fest, the place had a paltry amount of bbq vendors – there were only 2. And the only other food vendor was just a standard, run of the mill food vendor (although I was happy to see them since they were the ones selling lemonades). But I think the lack of vendor participation was probably because this was an inaugural event. If the event continues, I’m hoping there will be more.

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