Brooklyn’s Coal Fire Brick Oven Pizza – Hackensack

brooklyn pizza - hackensack

No trip back home would be complete without good pizza. So for lunch on Saturday, we went to Brooklyn’s Pizza. Normally, a name like this would keep me away, but my sister assured me that it was the real deal. Apparently, I had been to the Edgewater location, but I couldn’t remember whether I liked it or not.

We went to Brooklyn Pizza for lunch, and it was dead empty when we got there. Combined with the absolutely bizarre exterior, I wasn’t feeling that great about the place. When we sat down, though, it started to feel a little more legit with the red and white checkered table and an absolute obsession with brick in the decor. It was on the walls, the bar, the menus, and the placemats.

checkers and bricks

To start out, my brother-in-law ordered salad for the table, something I would never have thought do but was a good idea after the fish and beef bonanza from the night before.

When the pizzas came out, I was pleasantly surprised. The crust was thin. The dough was blistered and bubbled. The pizza was blazing hot. The cheese was super melty. And the tomatoes had a really nice basil flavor.

cheese and tomato pizza

The pizzas were set on those elevated shelves, which I love. The better to see you with, you know. We had two pizzas, so one was set on a lower shelf in a very clever way.


The first slice of pizza that I had was sausage. The sausage wasn’t what I’m used to in terms of pizza sausage. Instead of clumps or meatball-ish shapes, it was sliced into disks, like pepperoni. And it didn’t have that fennel flavor, which I generally don’t like anyway, because it tends to get overpowering.

action shot!

Each slice had a really good fold to it. And the ratio of the dough to sauce to cheese was just perfect. This is the kind of pizza I think of when I come back to New Jersey and think of pizza. So simple. So good.

folding the slice

Btw, Brooklyn’s Coal Fire Brick Oven Pizza in Hackensack is cash only. So bring money.


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