Although tasty, Chapagetti tastes like neither of the two dishes from whence it draws it name: cha jang myun or spaghetti. It’s not ramyun, but you can find it at your Korean grocery store in the ramyun section.

Cha Jang Myun, which I’ve made and posted about before, is a wonderful Chinese/Korean noodle dish. There’s no broth, and it’s served in a black bean gravy, which technically does make it similar to spaghetti in theory, I suppose. But because there’s no broth, it might help to read the instructions.

chapagetti instructions

You boil water, add the noodles, and add the veggie packet, like any other ramyun. But do not add the other powder packet or the other smaller clear packet (more on these later). After the noodles are cooked, the instructions tell you to drain all but 3 T of water. How you are supposed to figure out when you’ve achieved this or how to do this without losing the tiny pieces of rehydrated vegetables that you’ve cooked with the noodles is beyond me.

I also happened to be making these at the office, where there is an electric kettle but no colander. I ended up using a plate to cover the bowl that was steeping the noodles and I drained it carefully into the sink. If you drain too much, it’s no big deal. You can always add more water later.

Now, add the main packet and the oil packet. Stir. If the sauce is too tight, add water. If the sauce is too watery, oh well. Nothing you can do about it. It’s not the end of the world though. It’s instant noodles after all.

chapagetti packets

There are many things that are annoying about chapagetti. And I admit that I only bought it this time so that I could post about it. I remember making this as a kid and finding it terribly cumbersome. As an adult, I find it entirely underwhelming. The whole point of ramyun is that it’s fast, cheap, and filling. Without broth like other ramyun have, it’s not filling at all. It’s like eating a lean cuisine for lunch and trying to make that hold you over until dinner. The only real solution is to eat two of them, which just seems wrong in a way. And it’s a shame, because it does have a unique taste that I do like.




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3 responses to “Chapagetti

  1. I notice that they say you bought them in Chicago. I have been trying forever to find these (and Shin Ramyun and Indomie Mi Goreng noodles too)!!! Since I live in the south side of Chicago, I understand that I have to travel.

    Can you tell me where I can buy these?

  2. Joongboo market near Belmont and kimball. It’s right under the highway.

  3. Esta muy bueno como puedo comprar yo vivo en Ecuador si alguno me puede dar una dirección de compra en onlia gracias

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