Grilled Brussel Sprouts

sprouts on a stick

Food on sticks is delicious. Brussel sprouts are delicious. And so, brussel sprouts on a stick. Or, grilled brussel sprouts.

 Grilled Brussel Sprouts Recipe:

1. Thaw it: At Dominick’s, they sell petite or baby brussel sprouts in the freezer section. Using the petite brussel sprouts was key, as the smaller sprouts have a more subtle flavor. If I had regular sized sprouts, I think it might be a little bitter and/or I might have to cut the sprouts in half, which would make skewering more difficult.

They come in a microwavable bag and are prewashed. I brought these upstairs with us and poured some out onto a plate to thaw while I was cooking my chicken drumsticks

2. Skewer it: I put six on a skewer, poking the sprouts through the base and through the vertical axis. If the sprouts are still frozen, this will be difficult. If the sprouts are completely thawed out, the sprouts will mush apart. This was really only a problem with the little ones.

3. Season it: I put some Famous Dave’s Rib Rub (which I already had laying around because of the chicken I was making) into a small bowl with some canola oil. I mixed it up and then brushed the skewers. You can use whatever season mix you like. I think Lowry’s would also be quite nice.

4. Grill it: When you’re about five minutes from eating the rest of your food, put the skewers on the grill. They only need a couple minutes per side. Like cooking any vegetable on the grill, when it’s charred, it’s done. I used indirect heat.

grilling sprouts

5. Eat it: I didn’t think this recipe would turn out, but the sprouts were really good. The spices of the rub we used came through really nicely, imparting a brown sugar and celery salt flavor that complemented the brussel sprouts natural flavors.

action shot!


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