Old School Drum Sticks


I’m a sucker for cheap meat. So when Dominick’s put family packs of drum sticks on sale, I couldnt resist. When I got home to tell her about it, my wife was excited and then disappointed. Becuase she thought I was talking about the ice cream.

Old School Drum Sticks Recipe:

This recipe is dedicated to my mom.

1. Brine it: when I got the family pack home from the store, I portioned it out into 3 sets of dinners for my wife and I, put it in a plastic bag,  and put it in the freezer. Normally, to defrost meat, I put one plastic bag of frozen meat into a bowl of water. And for some reason, it didn’t occur to me until now to take the meat out of the bag and put it directly into the water. Add a little salt, and you’ve got a simple way to brine and defrost your poultry all at the same time.

2. Spice it: After draining the water, I patted the chicken dry with a paper towel. Then I put it into a plastic container with some canola oil and Famous Dave’s Rib Rub. Put the lid on top and shake vigorously.

vigorous shake

3. grill it: on the grill, I turn two of the three burners on medium and put the chicken over the off burner. close the lid and make a drink. check back every ten or fifteen minutes, flipping now and again (turning often is ok).  if you see a lot of smoke, it’s too hot.


4. sear it: once the chicken is mostly done (this will take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes), put it directly over a burner and let her rip. Low heat gets the fat rendered and other chicken bits nice and melted. High heat gets the skin crispy and gets your char. A lot of smoke now is to be expected.

5. paint it: put some Famous Dave’s barbecue sauce on top. Use a brush (or the back of a spoon) to really paint it on. Flip it over and repeat on the other side. The grill will still be at high heat, so it won’t need much sauce or much time before it starts to get nice and lacquer-y.

6. wrap it: this is what makes the dish. when my sister and I were very young, my mom would make chicken just like this and then make a little handle out of aluminum foil. I just remember it was like magic. She would do it at every church picnic, camping trip, or cookout. And it always made me feel special.

the aluminum makes it old school

The chicken turned out really good this time. Famous Dave’s rib rub and barbecue sauce is really good on chicken. And eating the drum sticks with the foil handles was just instant nostalgia.


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  1. Christine P.

    Try brining with a cup of salt, a cup of brown sugar, garlic and a bundle of fresh thyme and rosemary! Totally awesome.

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