Grilled Veggie Pitas

easy to cook and easy on stomach

The weather was really nice outside, but my body was still not quite back to its usual self after the punishment I had self-administered over Memorial Day. So we had a simple vegetarian meal.

Grilled Veggie Pitas:

1. Slice: This recipe is super simple. Cut veggies into largish chunks. Zucchini was sliced in half. Peppers were cut into thirds (along the vertical axis, to be specific). Mushrooms and serranos weren’t left whole. 

You could cut your vegetables really small, skewer them, and then grill them up as kebabs. But that’s a lot of work. And I don’t think you get the same char flavor if you do it that way.

easy zucchini

2. Brush: I mixed a little bit of Famous Dave’s Rib Rub with olive oil and brushed that mixture on all the veggies to give them a little seasoning. Sometimes, I just put all my veggies into a big tupperware, put some oil and spices inside, put the lid on, and shake like crazy. This is a slightly less violent way of doing it.

3. Grill: Put veggies on the grill. I used med-high heat on all burners and covered, flipping occasionally. When things are charred, they’re done.

veggie grill

4. Eat: We split open some pitas and put some homemade tsaziki inside. Then, we used a fork to slice up the now-tender veggies and stuffed them inside too.

action shot!

Everything had picked up a nice char, which made things savory and satisfying. Even though there wasn’t any meat in the meal, there was a nice balance to everything. It always comes as a pleasant surprise that vegetables that I think are normally pretty good are incredible when burned a little bit on a a grill.


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