Grilled Peaches

grilled peaches!

Except for maybe hot dogs, peaches are about as easy as it gets on the grill. This was fortuitous, as my ability to see straight was waning as the Memorial Day afternoon wore on.

Grilled Peaches Recipe:

1. Slice it: this is the most difficult part of the recipe, not to say that it is difficult by any means. I have no idea how to core a peach, so I tried to slice around the core, and then twisted the two halves apart. One side would have the pit. The other side wouldn’t. I was okay with that.

2. Sugar it: I think it must be early in the peach season. None of these were particularly ripe; they were hard like apples. So I decided they would need a little help. I sprinkled a little bit of sugar on top of each peach half. You don’t have to do this.

3. Grill it: I put the peaches directly onto the grill, cut side down. I used an indirect heat approach so that they would cook all the way through before they burned too much. One of the three burners was off, the other two were on. I put the peaches over the off burner and covered the grill.

Once the peaches start to get a little too much color, flip them over so they can finish cooking all the way through. You are looking for them to get past the hard apple stage, but even if you overcook them and they get mushy, they will still be tasty.

4. Eat it: if you could eat a peach pie straight out of the oven without having to wait for it to cool first, that is what grilled peaches are like. As they cook, they stew in their own juices and develop some really nice caramel-ish flavors. It’s warm and sweet and always a surprise.

It’s so simple and so delightful, I feel like I should really be doing this just about every day I can in the summer. It makes you wonder why people ever bother to make peach pie.


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  1. I can’t wait for peaches to be in season so I can do this. I love grilled fruit.

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