Sutah Ramyun

sutah ramyun

I was looking forward to trying Sutah Ramyun. Unlike many of the ramyun I have been writing about here, I’ve never had this one before. So I had no idea what to expect.

sutah ramyun insructions

There are ikea-style instructions on the back of the package. And even though I had never had this particular brand of noodle before, I didn’t really bother to look. After all, it’s ramyun, it’s all the same. Boil some water. Add the noodles. Add the packets. Eat.

Like all good ramyun, there are two packets. One for soup. The other for dried vegetables. On the outside, it all looked normal. But when I picked it up, the soup packet did seem heavier than most.

sutah ramyun packets

The Sutah Ramyun label boasts that it is “Like Handmade Noodle.” I’ve had handmade noodles before. This was nothing like them. The noodles were thicker and chewier than other ramyun noodles, but not in a good way. I think they were going for a doughier chew. But instead, it just felt very synthetic and bulky.

sutah ramyun

Aside from the noodles, the sutah ramyun label also boasts that is “Hot & Spicy Beef Flavor.” And this noodle failed to live up to the advertising once again. It was spicy, sure. But not that spicy. And it didn’t taste the least bit beefy. If anything, it had a really strange vegetal flavor, almost like medicine. Overall, this ramyun was really not good. I mean, I’d take it over american ramen any day. But it was disappointing all around.


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