CW Napkin

cw napkin onion rings

I have never been to CW Napkin, nor do I even recall ever seeing one. We found the place one winter evening on You won’t find them on or or any other online ordering service anymore. Hopefully, this is not an ominous sign, as the place does great delivery.

I am still somewhat sick with what I believe to be a sinus infection. And, despite her protestations to the contrary, I am pretty sure that I have given it to my wife. Because after the Grill and Chill festival, my wife and I were exhausted. So we ordered in for dinner.

CW Napkin no longer has any real on-line presence, so you have to actually call them. Quaint? Yes. Annoying? Yes. But I will deal with it for this place. (I make my wife call.)

We usually get the same thing: 2 4-piece chicken dinners and an order of onion rings. The onion rings are some of the best I’ve ever had. They are the painstakingly made kind where, if you’re not careful, the onion will slide out on the first bite and leave you with a hallow delicious shell of fried batter.

The only time I’ve had better was at the Parkmoor in St. Louis, a restaurant that was razed to expand the parking lot of the adjacent walgreens. At the Parkmoor, they would hand dip the onion rings. You could watch them doing it. Going there was a real treat. It was like a real life version of the diner from Pulp Fiction. I wish I had eaten there more when it still existed.

The four piece chicken dinner at CW Napkin comes with 1 drum stick, 1 wing, and a chicken breast cut into two pieces. Sometimes, you get half a chicken breast and a thigh. My wife likes breasts and drum sticks. I like thighs and wings. So when we get our dinners, there’s always some trading going on.

If I recall correctly, the chicken used to come with a nice batter on it. On this particular evening, it looked like it was just thrown into a deep fryer sans flour, soaking, or anything. It might have had some light dredging on it beforehand, but I distinctly remember it having a really great crispy batter before, another sign tha this place may not survive for much longer.

fried chicken

It would be a shame if this place closed down though. I love the way they do their delivery. The chicken is nestled in a sheet of foil and set at the bottom of a cardboard box (they do it the same way for their ribs, which are even better than their chicken, btw). On top of the chicken is the fries. When you open the box, you get a wonderful waft of fried goodness that reminds you of the time where the most magical culinary experience you knew was opening up a happy meal.

I always get regular fries with my chicken; my wife gets seasoned fries. You get a ton of them and always exactly three packets of ketchup. You also get some cole slaw that my wife summarily hands over to me. It’s covered in mayonnaise and not much else, precisely the kind that my wife despises and that I love.

fries on top

Getting food from CW Napkin always hits the spot. The miserable, achy feeling that I had from my cold was gone, even if but for a moment. The dog was quite happy too. My wife is a messy fried chicken eater, and the dog eagerly waited at her feet for crumbs to graciously fall.


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