Club’s Choice Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

Club's Choice Sausage Egg and Cheese

Our freezer is full of food to be used in case of emergency, like if (1) we run out of eggs, (2) things get hectic with work schedules, or (3) we are hung over. We had these breakfast sandwiches because of reasons 1 and 3.

We got these sandwiches months ago from one of my nieces or nephews. Right now, there 8 of them, and almost all of them have fundraisers for the various activities they are in. Fortunately, kiddie fundraisers have come a long way. Your choices used to be limited to whether you wanted cookies or popcorn or cookie flavored popcorn. Now, they have breakfast pizzas, breakfast sandwiches, pies, or magazine subscriptions. My favorite thing we bought from a fundraiser was a Real Simple subscription, even though I know it’s girl stuff. My second favorite thing we bought were these breakfast sandwiches.

freezer breakfast sandwich and coffee and dog

There are instructions to make these sandwiches depending on whether you are pulling them straight out of the freezer or if they are thawed. I can’t imagine anyone eating these taking the effort to thaw these out first. Either way, the instructions are largely inaccurate.

The from-frozen instructions tell you to microwave the sandwich for 40 seconds, flip it over, and repeat. I did this and the sandwich was still cold. I then put some slices of cheddar cheese in between the cheese and muffin and gave the sandwiches 2 more 40 second sessions. At this point, the cheese had made a reasonable effort at melting and the sandwich, although not hot, was not cold, which was about all I needed before I started to devour these.

ice food

The night before, I had an exorbitant amount of a drink that I can only describe as blue. And I seemed to be getting followed by a large bottle of vodka throughout most of the night. So when the breakfast sandwich tasted like freezer burn, I didn’t care. I needed to eat something.

The sandwiches weren’t always that bad. We had purchased about 3 sleeves of the sandwiches, and this was the last of it. The first batch we ate was actually decent, which I attribute to a lower freezer burn content.


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