Samyang Ramyun

samyang ramyun

The last time I was at the Korean grocery store, I bought one of just about every kind of ramyun noodle or instant noodle they had. It’s something I haven’t done in about a decade. This time, I’m taking notes. First, Samyang Ramyun.

instructions. en frances?

Every package of ramyun noodles has instructions on the back. I never really read them anymore, but I’ve taken a photo here for two reasons: (1) for documentary purposes and (2) to point out that the instructions are also translated into French. Presumably, this is to facilitate sale in France or in French Canada. Either way, it’s odd.

I happened to make this bowl of noodles at work for lunch. I have a hot pot there that I use to boil water. In the meantime, I break the noodles into a large bowl and pour out the spice and veggie packets. When the water is boiling, pour it over the noodles, then cover the bowl with a plate. Wait about five minutes, and they’ll be ready to eat after a quick stir to loosen up the noodles. Usually, I’m the only one at my office. I would never do this if I worked around other people.

The first thing that I noticed when eating these is that the veggie packet was really nice. They did a good job of dehydrating the kimchee. And I think this is one of the few ramyuns where I can kind of tell what the dehydrated veggies used to be.

samyang ramyun

The second thing I noticed was that the soup was confusing. Really good. But confusing. At first, I thought it was bland and boring. It didn’t have the spicy punch of Shin Ramyun, which is my favorite. And although the front of the package clearly indicates in two languages that the soup is supposed to be beef flavor, it tasted like fish stock. Plus, it had a hint of thickness to it. And the more I thought about it, the more it reminded me of a bouillabaisse, in a spicy kind of way.

The noodles were thicker than other ramyun and were a little on the doughy side. They tasted really yellow.

Overall though, this ramyun is subtle. Well, it’s a subtle as a spicy ramyun can be.


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  1. Dawn

    DJ and I buy Shin Ramyum as if the apocalypse is coming soon and all we’ll have left is delicious ramyum. The commissary on post is pretty awesome in that it has a really good “ethnic” food selection, so we stock up anytime we’re there. I crack an egg in the soup and maybe throw in some sliced mushrooms or green onions while DJ likes to put in a can of chicken and a couple slices of velveeta. Regardless, no other ramen can compare to Shin Ramyum.

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