Corn Bread Muffins

too tasty for a proper photo

To go along with our celebration of America, we had corn bread muffins. After all, what’s more American than corn bread?

Corn Bread Recipe:


1. Figure out what Oleo is: For corn bread, I instantly referred to the Western Dubuque Marching Band Cookbook. There was only one corn bread recipe in the entire book, which is surprising since there was a separate section for both breads and muffins. Anyway, the one recipe it had called for oleo. A third of a cup of oleo.

At first, I thought that oleo was that short-lived product that would cause bloody stool. Turns out, oleo is margarine or oil,¬†I think. Either way, I didn’t want to try this recipe.

So, I used one off the back of the bag of cornmeal that I had. But I cut the recipe in half.

2. Mix dry ingredients: Half cup flour, half cup cornmeal, 2t baking powder, 2T sugar.

3. Mix wet ingredients: Half cup milk, 2T melted butter, and 1 beaten egg.

4. Mix the wet and dry: This batter will end up pretty wet. Not quite as wet as pancake batter, but thicker than cake batter.

5. Pour into molds: I sprayed a 6-muffin tin with cooking spray and then poured in the batter.

corn muffins

6. Bake: 425 for 15 minutes.¬†There was a lot of batter in each muffin well. I was certain that it would spill over and create a corn-ish mess in the oven. But it didn’t.

After I let the corn muffins cool, they came out of the muffin tins easily. I was planning on taking a nice photo with the muffins piled up into an aesthetically pleasing pyramid for a photo. But they were just too good to wait for that. I cracked a muffin open and a waft of corn muffin steam wafted out from the center. It was magical.

My wife has made corn muffins before, and the ones she makes are pretty good. But these were better for 2 reasons:

(1) I made a half batch, which is a more sensible amount for my wife and I to try and eat. A full batch just leaves us with extra corn bread for days. With the half batch, we ate four with dinner and the remaining two for breakfast.

(2) Because this corn bread was made into muffins rather than loaves, there was more outer surface area. That means there’s more crust. And it’s the crusty outer parts of the corn bread that are always the best. The same goes for brownies.

corn bread. iowans love it.

The best way to eat these muffins was to open them up and give them an additional pat of butter. It was just heavenly. Ever since I made them, my wife has been asking me to make more on a daily basis.



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