ribs with wedge salad

I took the day off to spend time with my wife, and I decided that I would make some food that I had never made before: ribs and apple pie. My wife later also requested cornbread. Here’s the ribs:

Ribs recipe:

"extra meaty"

1. Rub: I’d never made ribs at home before. I looked around for a couple of oven ribs recipes. I found Alton Brown’s rib recipe, but I remember watching that episode, and it seemed like a lot of work and, as in most alton brown recipes, it seemed like a lot of foil. I looked around at a couple of other rib recipes, and they all seemed to start out the same way. Rub the ribs. So I did.

I laid down a large piece of foil on a baking sheet, put the ribs down on them, and then poured some Famous Dave’s Rib Rub on them. I usually don’t buy season mixes, but I love Famous Dave’s, and I picked this up as a memento when I ate at a Famous Dave’s a while ago.

memphis style recipe: "no sauce!"

2. Bake: The next step was to cover the ribs up with the foil and then bake them for a long time at a low temp. None of the recipes I looked at could agree at a time or a temp. I thought about trying to follow the recipe on the back of the package, but that recipe was for Memphis style ribs. And it boasts on the package that with Memphis ribs, you don’t need sauce. But that’s like half the reason to have ribs. I ended up following an Emeril rib recipe and put them in the oven at 300 degrees for 2.5 hours.

Famous Dave's!

3. Baste: After 2.5 hours, I opened up the foil, poured some Famous Dave’s barbecue sauce, my favorite barbecue sauce for pork, and basted the rib meat. Then, I set the oven to 425 for about half an hour. I think the recipe I was following wanted a different temp for the second bake, but I was making corn muffins, and they needed to be at 425.

4. Rest: After the muffins were done, I pulled the ribs out of the oven. They were smoking hot and smelled delicious. I made the entire floor of my apartment building smell like pork, and it was good. While I waited for the ribs to cool, I made a wedge salad with some blue cheese dressing. The blue cheese dressing was blue cheese, greek yogurt, olive oil, milk, garlic powder, and pepper.

The barbecue sauce had burned a little bit, and I think that 425 for 30 minutes was a little too hot for a little too long. I thought my wife would hate these, as she tends to really hate burned food. But she loved them. Between the two of us, we ate the entire slab, which I didn’t think we would do because, after all, these were “extra meaty” ribs.

I served this with extra sauce for dipping. By the end of the meal, I had lost track of all my eating utensils, and everything was covered in a thin film of sauce and pork. It was marvelous and messy and utterly satisfying. It was like a combination of a giggle, a sigh, an mmmmm, and a Tool Time grunt. I’m surprised that the Japanese don’t have a special word for this.


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