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The skipping of meals that my wife seems to insist on while traveling was beginning to take its toll. By the morning of our last full day in New York, my father-in-law requested that we eat breakfast, a meal that we had been normally skipping. I was happy to hear this.

We tried to go to Foodparc, which was next to our hotel, Hotel Eventi. I had seen it in our comings and goings, and the signs in the windows made it seem like breakfast there would be good. It was one of those fancy new places replete with white formica and a euroslick ambition.

Unfortunately, once we got there, we couldn’t figure out how to order. There were signs directing us to use touch screens that weren’t actually touch screens. People were standing in lines at counters with no people at them. And people standing behind counters were taking no orders from customers. It was confusing. So we left and went to starbucks the next block over.

Once there, we got into the starbucks line. Even though it was about 9:00, the line at that starbucks was long and full of people about to head into work. This was only further proof supporting my hypothesis that the City that Never Sleeps gets in to work later than we do here in the midwest. 
We each ordered the same sandwich, a bacon egg and gouda sandwich on ciabatta. I think it was only about the second time I’ve ever eaten a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks. And I think it was the first time my father-in-law had ciabatta.
Overall, the sandwich was ok. When I do eat a breakfast sandwich, I generally prefer something more substantial than what Starbucks offers. But, this was good. It tasted almost homemade, which is weird if you think about how much effort and planning it takes to make this sandwich at a place that has no stove.
I don’t know that I would ever seek out the starbucks breakfast sandwich. But it did hit the spot at the time. We had a long day of touristing ahead of us. This wasn’t a bad start.

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