Jury Duty

This week, I started a jury trial. For various reasons, the work has been even more time consuming than a jury trial would otherwise be. I haven’t cooked in about a week, which is unfortunate, as cooking, or more precisely, chopping things, has become a way for me to de-stress. Since there isn’t much time for cooking, I’ve reverted back to my normal trial time ritual of seeing if I can finish a bottle of whiskey before the trial ends. One would think that, as sleep-depriving as trial work can be, how is there enough time for whiskey? The answer is that, because trials tend to make you have to drink coffee far into the evening, having a nip at the end of the day helps you get to sleep.

A friend just started a food blog, and reading her first post has made me particularly hungry for well-prepared food. But, as I write this post from the bus, I know that, because I have a couple hours of work still ahead of me and an early Saturday morning meeting tomorrow, Sarah and I will likely have to suffer through something that comes in a styrofoam delivery container.


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